A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds.

Okay we can!

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Hello! My name is Annie and I'm a huge KPOP fan. I was introduced to this wonderful world of KPOP when I was nine years old and was not absorbed into it until I was eleven. Now I am almost fourteen and loving Korean music more than American music, even though I live in California!

My favorite Korean group is Super Junior. They were the first group I listened to and I still love them right now. Second favorite would be BoyFriend who debuted not too long ago, but captured me immediately~. And next would be Teen Top.

Ultimate biases are Donghae (Super Junior), Eunhyuk (Super Junior), Minwoo (BoyFriend), Youngmin and Kwangmin (BoyFriend), and Chunji (Teen Top).

My OTP's so far are EunHae (SJ; Eunhyuk+Donghae), YoungWoo (Youngmin+Minwoo), and ChunJoe (Chunji+L.Joe).